2022 MMTA State Honor Student Concert Digital Downloads


The State Honor Student Concert has been a Minnesota tradition for over 80 years featuring 20-piano ensembles, conducted this year by Josh Bauder, and Young Artist piano soloists. High-quality video and audio digital downloads may be ordered for the following performance categories: 
Junior A
Junior B
Intermediate A
Intermediate B
Senior A & B
Junior Young Artist and Senior Young Artist
Piano Solos
Entire Concert

MP3 audio downloads are $12 each and MP4 video downloads are $25 each. To order, select a performance category and then select a format (either MP3 audio or MP4 video).
Downloads of the entire concert are also available for $20 (MP3 audio-only) and $45 (MP4 video). To order the full concert audio downloads, select “Entire concert” as the category and either MP3 audio or MP4 video as the format.
If you are unsure of which performance category to order, consult with your student’s piano teacher. Pre-ordering is available until the downloads are ready (see below). 

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Digital audio downloads will be delivered as single ZIP files. Each ZIP file will contain high-quality MP3 files of all the pieces performed within the selected category grouping. 

Digital video downloads will be delivered as single MP4 files with 1080p HD video and high-quality audio of all the pieces performed within the selected category grouping. Note that video files are quite large (usually between 1GB and 2GB for the individual categories and at least three times that for the entire concert video) and as such may take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

IMPORTANT: Download your files using a desktop or laptop computer and NOT your phone. Mobile devices in general, and iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) in particular are not configured for easy download and storage of digital files, and we cannot guarantee that you will successfully obtain your files if you try to download them to your phone. Also, allow enough time for the download to fully complete before attempting to view video files or unzip/expand audio downloads.

ORDERING DOWNLOADS: Post-concert work (obtaining necessary permissions, editing, mastering and so forth) takes 4-6 weeks following the concert. During this time you may place a pre-order for video or audio downloads of the various categories. Once the post-concert work has been completed and the downloads are available the pre-ordering period ends. When the downloads are ready, and if you placed a pre-order you will receive an “Order Complete” email with a link or links to the download(s) you ordered. Orders placed after the downloads are available are processed as regular orders, and the links email will be sent immediately upon completion of the payment transaction. The links do not expire but the number of times you can download the file is limited to two. We expect downloads to be ready on or before July 4, 2022. 

IMPORTANT: Sales of downloads are final – no refunds or returns. If you are uncertain about which download(s) to order or have other related questions please contact us before ordering. Also note that MP3 files are audio-only; there is no video information contained in an MP3 file. 

MINNESOTA RESIDENTS: Applicable sales tax will be added at checkout.